:: joŽl dilley

"He deftly translates all the colors, sounds, and feelings associated with his life experiences into music....His rich bass is the stuff of heart beats, ocean waves, and other natural earth rhythms.Ē―Hannah Castellaw, WomanSpace

Upcoming showcase:

Saturday, March 15, 8:00 pm: SxSW

What listeners are saying about Mandala Meditation Series: Lullaby of the Flatlands:

"Amazing; hypnotic; powerful; exquisite; meditative; universal; a rhythm of the earth."

"Sonic Solace."

"Sitting here at my connection gate in Phoenix with my headphones and your beautiful music streaming through my being! Feeling blessed and at peace."

"Lovely music....Nice for quiet contemplation."

"It calms my spirit and induces a meditative, contemplative state of mind. In short, I dig it."

"Tasteful & lovely."

"This CD is wonderful. It is like being in a Tibetan temple looking out over the mountains. I love it. "

"Rather than simply falling into the catch-all category of 'world music,' your CD shows itself to be music of the world, which is whole other thing altogether."

"Your classical ambiance is both unique and beautiful."

"Just what I needed."

"Joelís new compositions are exquisitely original and soothing....Donít feel bad if you didnít hear it the first time; wait, and listen to it again and will find the place from where Joel shares his heart."