A New World (download)


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Joël Dilley’s atmospheric sound settings chronicle a musical excursion from the rural back porches of Americana to the cobblestone streets of Europe, where faint echoes of bluegrass join in conversation with the plaintive voice of gypsy violin. Dilley aspires to give a human voice to the bass, with all its various emotional tone colors, in this collection Jim Beal Jr. of the San Antonio Express-News calls “imaginative world jazz…from earthy to esoteric…that welcomes listeners into Dilley’s world.”

Featuring Azul Barrientos (vocals, guitar); Bett Butler (vocals, piano); Cecil Carter (flügelhorn); Joël Dilley (basses, keyboard, accordion, percussion); tbow Gonzales (percussion); Gabriel Herrera (vocals); Lloyd Herrman (drums); Richard Oppenheim (saxophone); Jonathan Raveneau (violin, keyboard, vocals, cajon); Jartse Tuominen (guitar)


  1. Prelude
  2. Song For Derek
  3. Streets Of Kaliningrad
  4. The Hammock
  5. A Letter To William
  6. Street of the Seven Angels
  7. When Looking Back
  8. Carry On
  9. Scattered Shadows
  10. Luz de la Luna
  11. Will’s Bassment
  12. When We Meet Again

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