Boplicity (CD)


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In the tradition of singers like Keely Smith, Joan Carroll’s low-key delivery complements an instrument with near-perfect intonation, clear, angelic tone, and authentic jazz phrasing. Said legendary vibraphonist Terry Gibbs, she’s “a wonderful singer with a great in-tune sound who knows how to sing the melody–– without taking four million liberties.”

Her song selection avoids the over-done, focusing instead on compositions by Wayne Shorter, Thelonius Monk, and Bill Evans.

Featuring Joan Carroll (vocals); Steve Glaeser (drums); Andrew Langham (piano); Jim Kalson (bass); Morgan King (saxophones)

Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

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  1. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
  2. Equinox
  3. I Never Meant to Hurt You
  4. Joy Spring
  5. So Many Stars
  6. Monk’s Dream
  7. Orange Blossoms in Summertime
  8. Long as You’re Living
  9. Soul Eyes
  10. Recorda Me
  11. Very Early
  12. Early Autumn
  13. Gone With the Wind
  14. Infant Eyes
  15. Boplicity

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