Bundee Brothers Bone Band (CD)


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In the capable hands of virtuosi William Gibson and Ron Wilkins, the instrument so often stereotyped in cartoon and circus here invokes the laughter of a shared family joke, the chorus of French horns in a symphony, or the plaintive cry of a wounded child. The two wild and crazy guys pictured on the cover―temperamentally different as night and day―blend seamlessly in exquisite arrangements by Marco Katz, backed by an equally virtuosic rhythm section. At times tongue-in-cheek, at times unabashedly romantic and sentimental, this is a truly well-played and entertaining album. Says Adam Gaines of www.trombone.org: “If you’re a trombone junkie who would love to hear a couple of the instrument’s most powerful and wild players romping through a mosaic of different types of jazz, this is the CD for you.”

Featuring Joël Dilley (bass); William Gibson (trombone); Darren Kuper (drums); Mark Pomerantz (piano); Ron Wilkins (trombones)

Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.



  1. Grooving’ with Griego
  2. Para Mi Cuidad
  3. Just for a Thrill
  4. All the Things You Are
  5. Blue Monk
  6. A Rolling Stone Gathers No Maass
  7. I Surrender Dear
  8. Casey Dog Blues
  9. Old Time Religion
  10. La Rive Gauche (The Left Bank)
  11. Pinky’s Revenge

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