Mandala Meditation Series: Monet’s Garden (download)


Inspired by the paintings of Claude Monet, Joël Dilley “sonically simulates Monet’s images by means of what can be dubbed ‘melodorhythmic dabbing’–musically mimicking, with astonishing success, the artist’s impressionistic application of paint daubs,” writes Thomas F. Zawadzki in Jöel Dilley Tends Monet’s Garden: Cultivating the Transcendental, creating “intricately-crafted, nuanced tracks….dreamscapes teeming with etheric energy.”

Featuring Joël Dilley (basses, guitars, keyboard, Celtic harp, drums, percussion)


  1. River Gathering
  2. Carry On
  3. Dear Old Oak Tree
  4. Monet’s Garden
  5. Water Lilies
  6. The Japanese Bridge
  7. Dancing Angels
  8. Music for Pictures
  9. Living Water
  10. Reflections at Dusk
  11. Stargazing

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