Myths & Fables (download)


In this collection of original songs, storyteller Butler follows an offbeat assortment of characters. Includes “When Love Has Left the Room,” winner in the Jazz category of the International Songwriting Competition.

“After many years of anticipation, Butler’s latest album proves more than worth the wait. From an award-winning lamentation of lost love to a light-hearted portrait of a canine named Cosmo, this album runs the gamut of mood and emotion. A stellar cast of…sidemen and world-class production make this a must-have for…jazz fans.” Sound Check, Jazz 91.7 KRTU

“Butler continues to apply an actor’s mindset to her vocal performances, routinely changing the timbre of her voice to suit the character she’s playing. In the case of ‘When Love Has Left the Room,’ she convincingly plays a burned-out, burned-by-love drunk, hiding in the dark and ‘not too steady on my feet,’ like a female Charles Bukowski. With the bluesy ‘It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over,’ she’s a modern-day Bessie Smith, taunting her man to get the job done in the bedroom. The album’s most haunting track, ‘Secrets,’ finds her playing the role of empathetic narrator, telling the story of a rural family that kept a father’s suicide a secret for nearly two generations.” –Gilbert Garcia, The Current

Featuring Bett Butler (vocals, piano); Cecil Carter (trumpet, flügelhorn, piano); Joël Dilley (basses, percussion); tbox Gonzales (percussion); Polly Harrison (guitar); Lloyd Herrman (drums); Richard Oppenheim (saxophone); Jartse Tuominen (guitar); Gib Wharton (slide guitar)


  1. For Gabriele
  2. When Love Has Left the Room
  3. I Wish I Were in Love Again
  4. Secrets
  5. Angel in a Dog Suit
  6. Cold Front
  7. Nothin’ to Be Proud Of
  8. Bitter Dawn
  9. It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over
  10. Recuerdos
  11. Grim Fairy Tale
  12. Something You Said

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