Slightly Overdue (CD)


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Award-winning songwriter, vocalist, and retired professor Cece Box journeys through multiple musical genres in songs about life, feminism, and social justice. “Tennessee Lament,” ringing with contemporary truth, tells of a young woman’s experience in the American Civil War. A young mother sings about survival in the midst of genocide in “Darfur Lullaby,” while “No Las Olvidaremos” laments the unexplained and unanswered disappearance of hundreds of women in Juarez, Mexico.

Featuring Cece Box (vocals, keyboard, guitar, percussion); Bett Butler (keyboard); Joël Dilley (bass); Roland Garcia, Jr. (drums); Lloyd Herrman (drums); Beth Hish (vocals); Rebecca Moreland (vocals); Ruth Moreland (vocals); Cara Taylor (vocals); Jartse Tuominen (guitar); Cara Taylor (vocals)

Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

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  1. Elbow Room Blues
  2. Tennessee Lament
  3. Nice Girls Don’t Go Honky-Tonkin’
  4. Even Heartache Isn’t Free
  5. Watching & Waiting
  6. The Heart Never Changes
  7. Leaving Athens
  8. Balance
  9. Seasons
  10. Untried But True
  11. Darfur Lullaby
  12. No Las Olvidaremos

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