Ghostly Gals & Spirited Women (CD)


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Professional storyteller Mary Grace Ketner, an award-winning artist on the Texas Commission on the Arts touring roster, paints vivid word pictures of fascinating women from myths and legends worldwide. “Pretty Maid Ibronka” is so desperate for a boyfriend that she would welcome a devil for a mate, something she soon regrets in this Hungarian folk tale. In “Chien Nang,” a dutiful daughter rebels when her father insists on her betrothal for wealth instead of love. And the stories come closer to home in “Miss Annie,” about a clairvoyant in East Texas; “The Condiment Basketball Game,” about growing up in a small-town; and the eerily familiar “La Llorona.” Over an hour of riveting stories makes this CD the perfect family companion.

“Mary Grace Ketner is one of the classiest storytellers around, and her Ghostly Gals & Spirited Women is a collection of some of her best-told tales. Her ‘La Llorona’ captures the essence of its classic tragic theme in a way no one else has, and her versions of three world folk tales are crafted with respect for their origins as well as an awareness of their universal truths. Her word portrait of ‘Miss Annie’ and her description of ‘The Condiment Basketball Game’ show the range and diversity of her creative and performing skills.”—Donna Ingham, author of Tales with a Texas Twist

Featuring Leslie Lyon (guitar); Peter Van Dusen (flute)

Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.


  1. La Llorona
  2. The Lute Player
  3. Pretty Maid Ibronka
  4. Miss Annie
  5. Chien Nang
  6. The Condiment Basketball Game

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