Jazz de Laredo (CD)


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At the turn of the twentieth century, South Texas drummer Joe Guerra brought some of the most celebrated jazz players in the region together every Wednesday night at the popular 907 Zaragoza, a posh club in a historic mansion located on literally the last street in Texas. A frequent guest artist was the late Joe Piscatelle, a virtuoso pianist who lived and breathed the straight-ahead jazz he had played with legends such as Chet Baker. For this 2001 release, Guerra brought Piscatelle into the studio for a rare series of sessions with bassist Joël Dilley and trumpet player Cecil Carter.

Featuring Mike Berglund (trumpet); Cecil Carter (piano, flüglehorn); Ric Cortez (guitar); Joël Dilley (bass); Joe Guerra (drums); Bill Holman (saxophone); Joe Piscatelle (piano)

Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

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  1. Bye, Bye Blackbird
  2. Donna Lee
  3. So What
  4. Corcovado
  5. Killer Joe
  6. Au Privave
  7. Tenderly
  8. Scrapple from the Apple
  9. Birkes’ Works
  10. When Sunny Gets Blue

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