Someone’s Child (download)


All proceeds from the sale of this track go to the non-profit Elf Louise Christmas Project (, an all-volunteer organization providing Christmas gifts to children in struggling families. For over forty years, volunteers with Elf Louise have played Santa to San Antonio children whose families lack financial resources for gift giving; 98 cents of each dollar donated goes directly to the purchase and delivery of toys.

(“Someone’s Child” is included in the album Winter Lullaby: Songs for the Christmas Child. A portion of every album sale benefits the Elf Louis Christmas Project.)

Watch a video about the Elf Louise Christmas story here.

To donate more, buy this track on Bandcamp, where you can name your price. All proceeds go to the Elf Louise Christmas Project. Thank you for donating generously!



Long ago and far away,
three noble kings, with quiet grace,
traveled to a humble place,
bearing gifts for someone’s child
lying in a manger.

Important men they were, and wise.
They took the time from busy lives
to follow a star.

And they followed a star to someone’s child that night.
They gave the gift of love.
They gave the gift of time.
They let their hearts be light.
They let their spirits shine.
Let their spirits shine.

Everyone is someone’s child,
and every child is yours and mine,
especially at Christmas time.
Can we take the time to see that
no child is a stranger?

To light a glow in children’s eyes,
take the time from busy lives
to follow a star.

Wherever you are, you can
follow a star to someone’s child tonight.
Give the gift of love.
Give the gift of time.
Let your heart be light.
Let your spirit shine.
Let your spirit shine.

© Bett Butler 2016
all rights reserved

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