The Accidental Trio (CD)


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Joan Carroll’s angelic vocals, perfectly complimented by Matt Dunne’s sensitive guitar accompaniment and the euro-ambience of Mark Rubinstein’s accordion, make this a must-have for fans of acoustic jazz. Says Gilbert Garcia of The San Antonio Current: “Carroll’s beautifully supple voice has never been heard with such front-and-center clarity before. Dunne anchors the music by simultaneously playing the changes and handling bass-line movements on his guitar. And Rubinstein consistently steals the show with accordion solos that are remarkably lyrical, endlessly replenishing founts of melodic inspiration.”

Featuring Joan Carroll (vocals); Matthew Dunne (guitar); Mark Rubinstein (accordion)

Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.


  1. Waltz for Debby
  2. Hello, It’s Me
  3. Summer (Estate)
  4. Alone Together
  5. Moon River
  6. Lazy Afternoon
  7. Little B’s Poem
  8. Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love
  9. How Insensitive
  10. My Romance
  11. A Timeless Place (The Peacocks)
  12. Some Time Ago
  13. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
  14. Peace
  15. Good Night

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